Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Peachtree Corners Finalizes the City Council - Looking Ahead

Yesterday's run-off finalized the last 4 contested seats for the inaugural city council of Peachtree Corners.  Turnout was very low with less than 12% of voters going to the polls.  Here is the new city council:

Phil Sadd will represent the geography of District 1
Jay Lowe will represent the geography of District 2
Alex Wright will represent the geography of District 3
Jeanne Aulbach will represent Post 4 At-Large
Lorri Christopher will represent Post 5 At-Large
Weare Gratwick will represent Post 6 At-Large

These six folks join mayor Mike Mason in the task of setting up the new city.  They will implement the 3 services proclaimed in the city charter: Code Enforcement, Zoning, and Trash Collection.  In addition, this council is challenged to settle a border dispute with Berkeley Lake, hire a city manager and other employees, procure office space, enter into vendor contracts, etc.

With so few voters turning out in this and the last election, the new council hardly has a strong mandate for sweeping action.  We expect that the members will act carefully and cautiously before committing the city and its tax payers to irrevocable, long-term obligations.  The council has been granted great power over many by very few.  They have the power to make taxes, code enforcement, fees, etc. a burden on citizens.  They should wield that power very delicately.  

The role of the Peachtree Corners Ballot Committee will continue to be as a watch dog of the new city government.  We will work to hold our new officials to the promises made in the campaign for city hood and their campaigns for city council.  We want to ensure that Peachtree Corners sticks to the promise of "city-lite".  This city was proclaimed to be something unique among governments - forever small, unobtrusive, and inexpensive.  We will be holding you to it.