Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Five Concerns for Business Owners in Proposed City of Peachtree Corners

1. Occupation and Business Taxes - The city council by ordinance shall have the power to levy such occupation or business taxes… (Charter section 6.12)

2. Licenses, Permits, and Fees - The city council by ordinance shall have the power to require businesses or practitioners doing business in this city to obtain a permit for such activity from the city and pay a regulatory fee for such permit… (Charter Section 6.13)

3. Franchises (AKA Utility Taxes) - The city council shall have the power to grant franchises for the use of this city's streets and alleys for the purposes of railroads, street railways, telephone companies, electric companies, electric membership corporations, cable television and other telecommunications companies, gas companies, transportation companies, and other similar organizations.  (Charter Section 6.14)

4. Service Charges - The city council by ordinance shall have the power to assess and collect fees, charges, and tolls for services provided or made available within and outside the corporate limits of the city… (Charter Section 6.15)

5.Other Taxes (AKA catch-all the taxes you can) - This city shall be empowered to levy any other tax or fee allowed now or hereafter by law… (Charter Section 6.17)

All of these taxes, fees, licenses, and charges are ways for the new city to fund any shortfalls that a low one mil property tax does not fund.  Business owners can expect to pay higher fees and be nickel-n-dimed to death by “enforcers” out to fill the city coffer.  We have already seen several businesses petition Norcross for annexation to avoid coming under a new city hostile to business. 

Posted By: Ali