Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Facts About Proposed City of Peachtree Corners

  1. There will be a special election on November 8th to decide whether or not to make Peachtree Corners a city.
  2. If approved, The City of Peachtree Corners would be the largest of Gwinnett County’s 16 cities with approx. 38,000 residents.
  3. The borders of the city would extend from Winters Chapel Rd in the south to Duluth in the north and from Buford Hwy. in the east to the Chattahoochee River in the west.
  4. The city will be funded by up to a 1 mil increase in your property taxes ($120/ yr on a $300,000 house). There will be a corresponding increase in your ad valorem taxes, meaning the tags for your cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs, trailers, etc. will be more expensive.
  5. The city will also collect franchise fees on utilities such as telephone, cable tv, natural gas and electricity.
  6. The city only plans to offer three services: zoning, code enforcement and trash service.
  7. The city will need to establish a municipal court in order to levy and collect fines for zoning and code violations.
  8. The city can issue bonds and incur debt to build a city hall.
  9. The city can supply cars to employees and fund their retirement accounts.
  10. Trash service will still be billed separately on your property taxes, as it is now.
  11. If you don’t currently buy the optional ‘lawn trash’ service from your hauler, the city’s plan will not save you any money.
  12. The city doesn’t even have a trash plan, just a hope they can negotiate a better deal. 
  13. You can’t be annexed unless you petition or vote to be annexed. In some cases, you must petition AND vote.
These Quick Facts will soon be available in a brochure.  Email to order brochures to distribute to your friends and neighbors.

Posted by: Bob